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The most common question that comes to this site is whether the blue cat adopted or rescued with completely unknown parentage could be a Korat or have Korat relatives. My answer ALWAYS has to be that I don't know and there is as yet no way of finding out. You will understand why if you consider what makes a cat belong to a breed. A dictionary definition is that a breed is a group within a species developed by selection and maintained by controlled propagation. It will have common ancestors and certain distinguishable characteristics.

Both elements of the definition are of equal importance. It doesn't matter how many of the Korat distinguishing characteristics are present - a blue coat, green eyes, silver tipping etc, unless the common ancestry is also a matter of record. A blue cat without a known pedigree must remain forever simply a blue cat. It cannot be authenticated as a Korat or or any other breed.

I hope that answers the question before you write. I'm sorry if it's not the answer you want, but who knows? Perhaps in the future breed identity can be determined by DNA testing, but that's not possible yet.