First international meeting of Korat Breeders
Odense (DK), 8-9 May 1999

Welcome to Odense!!
(from the welcome message to the participants)

First of all, we would like to tell you how delighted we are that you could find time to come to these shows and this meeting. We all know showing and travelling involves some considerable cost and effort, and really apreciate that so many of you decided this was worth while. We are hoping that this event will inspire more Korat gatherings in the future.


EC. Tatsutan Garion Raja-Rsayah

Congratulations to all BIS, NOM, BIV and to all Korats present at the show!
Here is a picture of "Kaaleppi" to represent them all...

Saturday 8th May
judge: Anne-Gro Edstrom, Norway

class 1
Tatsutan Garion Raja-Rsayah

class 3
Jadeye's Arrogance - ex2
Primprau's Blue Emerald - CACE

class 5
Jing's Melody-of-Love - CAGCIB
Jadeye's Alice - ex2

class 6
Primprau's Meo Hao - CAGPIB, BIV-Neuter, NOM

class 8
Primprau's Ditakah Pakhdi - CAPIB

class 9
Nongsao von Baan Thai - ex2
Adentsh Angelica Tunjai - ex3
Adentsh Alpina Tep - CAC

class 10
Sawat's Kirilin - CAP, VET 1

class 12
Primprau's Suay Phichit - ex1
Melodian Rajini Mi Saneh - ex3
Primprau's Suay Kanchanaburi - ex1, BIV-Kitten
Primprau's Suay Rambutan - ex2

Sunday 9th May
judge: Ursula Loose, Germany

class 1
Tatsutan Garion Raja-Rsayah

class 3
Jadeye's Arrogance - ex2
Primprau's Blue Emerald - CACE

class 5
Jing's Melody-of-Love - CAGCIB
Jadeye's Alice - ex2

class 8
Primprau's Ditakah Pakhdi - CAPIB, NOM

class 9
Primprau's Wait, Watch and Win - CAC
Nongsao von Baan Thai - CAC
Adentsh Angelica Tunjai - ex3
Adentsh Alpina Tep - ex2

class 10
Sawat's Kirilin - CAP, VET 1, NOM

class 12
Primprau's Suay Phichit - ex1
Melodian Rajini Mi Saneh - ex1, BIV-Kitten
Primprau's Suay Kanchanaburi - ex3
Primprau's Suay Rambutan - ex2

If you want to see some pictures of the Korats presented during the show, they are available here


A meeting has been arranged for this first international gathering of Korat breeders and owners, in the hotel conference room, after dinner (Saturday 8th). You are all most cordially invited to attend, and your active participation will be very welcome.
Our non-European guest, Ann Segrest of USA, has accepted an invitation to take the Chair of the evening, and run the meeting. She will keep us all in good order.


  • A welcome to all those attending and introductory remarks - Camilla Baird
  • Gangliosidosis in Korat cats
    Dr. Henry J. Baker has kindly prepared a report of the most recent developments in the GM research project, which we can discuss. This report has been given to you together with this agenda
    It is hoped those present will give news of the testing done in their countries, and the plans that have been made by their respective organisations for future control of the diseases.
  • Greater co-operation and information exchange internationally amongst Korat breeders. The formation of a new club - Donatella Mastrangelo, Camilla Baird
  • UK plans to apply to GCCF for Preliminary Recognition for the Thai Ponted and Thai Lilac. Whate are the implications for the Korat - Jen Lacey
  • Any other matters.

List of participants

Eddy and Esther Blockmans (Belgium - Indep. Club) - Camilla Baird (Denmark - FIFe) - Outi Niemi (Finland - FIFe) - Milla Talja (Finland - FIFe) - Sanna Aaltonen and husband (Finland - FIFe) - Stephan Franke (Germany - FIFe) - Yvonne Reinschke (Germany - Indep. Club) - Bernd Pollesche (Germany - Indep. Club) - Donatella Mastrangelo (Italy - FIFe) - Susanna Zorzi (Italy - FIFe) - Elfi Kleive (Norway - FIFe) - Maria Bjork (Sweden - FIFe) - Johnny Stjernstrom (Sweden - FIFe) - Jen Lacey (UK - GCCF) - Angela Bonner (UK - GCCF) - Gretta -Hall-Tamlyn (UK - GCCF) - Anthea Whitehouse (UK - GCCF) - Ann Segrest (USA - CFA)

(from postings to Koratworld Mailing List)

Now that I have a little time to myself after delivering two kittens to their new home this evening, I will try to describe how I experienced the Odense shows. Having Outi and Milla and Ann stay for a few days before and after the show was fun and time-consuming. Ann is still here and is staying till May 17th.

The shows were great fun, even though I may have seemd confused and stressed. Being the only one of our group speaking and understanding Danish meant that I had to communicate many things to the group (of which many didn't know the FIFe system) and try to keep an eye on the judges and the cats at the same time. I had entered 7 cats on Saturday and 8 cats on Sunday in various classes - sometimes several things were going on at once! I would like to thank all who helped me carry and handle cats - without your help, I would never have gotten through the shows.

Having 16 Korats at a double show in Denmark was a sensation in itself. The fact that Kaaleppi, Outi's stud, won Best In Show both days was historic! His BIS's were the first times a Korat won BIS in Denmark - we have had one BOX Korat two years ago... Congratulations to Outi with her beautiful stud!

These shows really helped get the Korat some good PR in Denmark - 16 Korats and very little noise, Most cats behaved really well. There was some 'talk', but no real screaming - except for a very unfortunate episode Sunday where Arrogance got scared by something and exploded (she was pulled from the ring).

One of the most exciting things for me personally was getting Primprau's Wait, Watch and Win (WWW) back and seeing him on the judging table. I haven't seen him since he was 5 months old, now he is almost 2 years. I was really looking forward to getting him back, as I remembered him as a very promising kitten - I have not been disappointed by his development! He is out of Yang Chen Ma Hoo Who's and Sawat's Kirilin - a very good combination for coat colour and type and an almost complete outcross. The biggest problem with this combination is their GMstatus - Hoo carries GM2, Kitty carries GM1. This was not known at the time of the mating - I have made this combination twice with 5 almost identical kittens (apart from the sexes - 4 girls and 2 boys)... 3 are tested, 2 carry GM1, 1 is normal of both GMs. I am worried about WWW - he will be tested in the near future, when he has had time to settle in here properly. He loves attention and is so relaxed - he was rolling around and showing his tummy to the judge purring loudly and playing with/destroying the feather toy the judge chose to get him to play with. WWW needs some work on his fur and muscles. It seems he has been neglected while he has been away, though he has been treated well. He LOVES and CRAVES attention and cuddles. He sprays A LOT - I suspect it is partly out of boredom, partly out of bad habit.

Getting back to the weekend: The British group - Jen, Anthea, Angela, Gretta - had made beautiful and impressive silver and blue rosettes with the 'United Korats of the World' logo on for each participating cat. They had also made specials for the Best Korats in different categories accompanied by the sweetest cat-related prizes. The Finnish Korat club also had some rosettes for the Best Korats. KCA had some specials as well. Our cages were so decorated with rosettes that it was difficult to see the cats! I had several Danish people come up to me and ask if there was something special Korat thing going on - I could confirm that there certainly was! Thanks to all who attended - with or without cats - for helping me bring attention to the Korat in Denmark. This really was good PR. I hope to be able to help the you another time at a similar arrangement.

We had a Korat 'information table' with pictures of Korats from many places and Korat brochures from many places. Thanks to those who contributed to this, so it was more than just a table for my cattery and my cats, which it might have looked as if I had had to find all the material and the pictures myself. This was much more interesting for everyone. Unfortunately, it didn't seem as though there were very many visitors to these shows, but we had a great time anyway!

So much for the shows. We also held a meeting Saturday evening where we talked about many things. On the agenda was: 1) the GM situation in the different countries represented, Maybe things aren't as bad in general as things looked at first. UK is totally clear and Finland only has very few carriers of GM1. 2) a new international 'club' or rather Korat Council, This was greeted positively. More information about this will be revealed later as plans progress. 3) the UK proposal to get the Thai Lilacs and Thai BluePoints recognised in GCCF.

This last point was very long and interesting. Many points were discussed and many questions asked and answered. All in all the meeting was very fruitful and passed without much bloodshed.

I would like to thank Winnie Andersen, the show secretary of the show arranging club Perseren, personally for all her help and patience with me during the weeks up to the show. I know she was very busy with the show and some personal family matters, and in spite of that she took extra time to make our Korat page in the catalogues so well and let me know all about your entries and answered many other questions I had along the way! Winnie, I hope the cat nutcracker (katte nøddeknækkeren) will decorate your home. The picture of the Korat is to remind you of this historic weekend. To the list, on Sunday 'United Korats of the World' gave Winnie a small present and a card with a picture of a Korat taken by Alan Robinson.

KCA is having a Special Korat Show April 1st, 2000 in UK somewhere. They are expecting 30-40 Korats (and maybe some variants) at least. Wouldn't that be an ideal setting for the next 'United Korats of the World' meeting? I think so, and I expect to be attending the show...

Camilla Baird (13.05.99)  

Hi, It's been great to read about the event at Odense, especially this post of Camilla's, as she's given such a thoroughly detailed and balanced account. Being the 'hostess' of the occasion, and, as she says, the only one who knew everybody, and could understand all that was going on, this is as it should be, but it's still very much appreciated.

The UK contingent of 4 were the last to arrive home after the weekend, as we took the ferry so we could have a car. Good thing we did, we went home loaded with small gifts of food and litter, that was too much to carry for those going by air. It came to quite an amount when put together, and will go to a cat rescue charity, where every little bit of help is very welcome.

We wondered if we would get stopped by Customs. With so much on view that was obviously cat related we thought they may search us to find if we had cat too, but they didn't. GCCF demand proof of legal entry before they register, which makes it pointless to bring in a breeding/show animal illegally, but it's rumoured that lots of smuggling goes on to avaoid quarantine, and I can understand why so many people are willing to risk the high penalities when there's little chance of being caught.

We all found the show very enjoyable, revelling in Outi's successes, as it's great to have a Korat win well. We thought her boy really deserved it, no question about his good, typically Korat looks. It's always interesting to see a different system at work, and especially to have a chance to chat to the judges on the day whilst they working with the cats (not possible in UK). I got the feeling they were both delighted to see so many Korats, and they put a lot of thought and time into their judging evaluations.

To give credit where it's really due. I must say that Gretta Hall-Tamlyn was responsible for the rosettes. We all did some of the finishing off, but hers was the planning, the buying of materials, printing etc. I'm so pleased the blue-silver theme worked and the logo (designed by Donatella) co-ordinated everything so beautifully.

The show planned for April here will be at Redditch (roughly the centre of England). There will the Open Classes for the Korats normally eligible for the show bench, and a Best In Show chosen from amongst them. However, in other respects it's going to be more of a breed presentation and celebration. We hope that everyone with a Korat, or variant, that will enjoy the experience of a day out, and wants to show off their pet, will bring them along. They will be judged on condition and temperament, not to an SOP, in the same way that other household pets are at our shows. The idea is to make it as inclusive, and fun, for everyone as possible, and it would be really great to make it an international occasion too. I'm sure there will be more details posted as we get planning.

Other suggestions for meetings came from Finland when they have the Helsinki Show, Donatella has invited us to Italy, and I know the UK group certainly would like to make it to Oregon in 2001, accepting Ann Segrest's invitation. Of course, not everbody is going to be able to do everything, but we found the opportunity to meet and exchange information face to face so worthwhile that we certainly want to continue it. Every Korat person welcome.

Best wishes to all, and many thanks to Camilla.
Jen Lacey (13.05.99)

On behalf of Angela and myself, I would like to add our congratulations to Camilla for organising Odense. We really enjoyed ourselves. It was odd to see a FIFe show again but also to see how it had changed!! It was great meeting all the other Korat folk, albiet as bystanders. Angela is an old korat breeder and I still only a "wishful". Not for long I hope!

Many thanks to those of you who piled us up with food and cat litter for the rescue centre, it is greatly appreciated.

WE will be watching little Alberts progress with great interest, as adopted mums - he slept in our hotel room while in Odense and on the ferry, we will be watching the international news with real interest to see how he does. He is a super little fellow and should do well in Finland.

To those of you I promised to give the GCCF email address for UK shows it is:

We hope to see some of you again at the KCA show next year.

Angela Bonner and Gretta Hall-Tamlyn

Hi all,I'm back from my very eventful holiday and trying to adjust myself to work. Odense was a great experience and seeing so many Korats, owners and breeders was unusual.

Thank you Camilla so much for keeping us with you for almost a week. Also you did very well with all the arrangements for the show. Seeing Emmy, Kitty and your other cats again was very nice. It was quite an experience sleeping in the living room with 4 lively Korat-kittens... Also thanks for the wonderful T-shirts and bags. You can guess how envious the people here are.

Thanks Ann for those very interesting discussions involving a lot of Korats and pedigrees. Hope our plan worked out... Or maybe you got into your senses... I know you are leaving home today, have a nice trip.

My special thanks to the British group. You had really worked hard for this show, all those wonderful prizes! And thanks for taking such could care of Albert. And thanks Jen, without you arranging things we would not have him here today.

Since one fertile male is quite enough for my home, I have placed Albert with a very nice family. They have no other cats and they have waited for a Korat kitten for more than a year. I will arrange all matings and take care of the paperwork, but after Albert is neutered he will be their cat and have a really good home. With his wonderful temper he'd adjust to any home, but I could see at once, that he will be very much loved and appreciated by this family.

Finally I got to meet Donatella, who has helped us so much with GM-testing. And of course I had a change to see Maigee's sister Meo, The First Korat World Winner.

It was also great to meet so many new people, I hope we can keep in touch with each other. And of course I was happy for Kaaleppi's success. It is always great to have a Korat win, no matter whose it is. On Sunday he was presented by Jen, and behaved better than with me on Saturday. He also had his personal Danish steward in the panel, a very nice young man.

Congratulations to all the other Korats who did well! I was especially happy for Kaaleppi's daughter Rajini, who was best in variety kitten on Sunday.

It was a pity that Arrogance could not be judged on Sunday, but I can tell you that she is a very sweet and friendly cat. She has now been with me for a week and we are very good friends. Of course she misses her own family, and feels a bit lonely without other cats. I have mated her to Kaaleppi and now we are anxciously waiting for any signs of pregnancy.

I took enourmous amount of photos during the weekend and I will try to get them developed soon. If there are good ones of the Korats there, I'll send them to the owners, too.

Thanks again all,

Outi Niemi (17.05.99)