To help Korat breeders find good homes for their cats and to help Korat lovers find the right Korat for them, I made this list of planned litters, available Korat kittens and a very special list of "Retired" Korat cats. (when availables)

Interested Korat breeders are invited to send me their availabilities that will be put on-line as soon as possible. I kindly as to keep me updated once kittens or adult Korats find new homes so that I can remove them from this list. Thanks everybody for the cooperation!

Before getting involved with a Korat kitten, I strongly suggest you to read what experienced breeders say about living with a Korat cat. Being a special cat, it's very important to know its character and understand what to expect from the Korat kitten that will become part of your family. Thanks to Camilla Baird for this nice "how to" article about living with a Korat cat.

N.B. Korat World is not responsible for any incorrect information presented on this site. Any listing on these pages may be deleted at any time at the sole discretion of the Webmaster and in case the Webmaster would receive three (3) complains about any of the people listed here.


Please see the list of breeders and contact them directly for kitten information.

For available kittens/planned litters in FINLAND, you can check the Finnish Korat Club's website HERE