MUNDIKAT (FIFe) is organizing a cat show that will host a SPECIAL BLUE BREEDS Competition.
All Korats have been invited to participate in this show which will be held on
MARCH, 24th 2008 in HARNEM, NL



Download the above poster HERE
Download the flyer HERE

Koblenz, (D) - 19 August 2007

Pictures by D. Mastrangelo - HERE
Pictures by R. Weihrauch - HERE




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MAY 2007
New available kittens have been added. Check the new listing by clicking here
A new article about Korats has been published in the article section - you can find it here

New available kittens have been added. Check the new listing by clicking here

JULY 2006
There are new articles and new stories in the respective sections.
There is also a poll about the showing of what is maybe the first Korat ever shown...
There is also the possibility (in the mailing list section) to subscribe and get updates via email about changes at Koratworld whenever something new is added.

JULY 2006
KORATWORLD has a new look!

MARCH 2005
Korats in URGENT need of permanent homes!!! - check it HERE

Stud list updated! Check it HERE
Next KCA Show announcement!
The story of Korats in France! - Newly added article that you can read HERE!

Stud List updated - Check the details HERE
Kittens available page has been updated - Check the details HERE

New planned litters have been published in the Kittens' page! - Check the details HERE

JULY 2004
New planned litters have been published in the Kittens' page! - Check the details HERE!

APRIL 2004
We have Korats now in all 5 Continents!!! - Korats arrived in South Africa and it is already a great success! - Check the details HERE

A Korat meeting in Belgium (Bruxelles) in 2005 has been announced - Check the details HERE

April 2003
There is a new Forum now on KW if you want to leave your messages or keep in touch with Korat breeders and if you want to talk about Korats in general!
New listings and updates in the Breeders & Owners section in Europe! Check it here
Also new kittens are born! Check it here!

22 July 2002
New listings and updates in the Breeders & Owners section in Europe!

2 July 2002
New matings planned for this Winter! check them here

24 June 2002
There is a new litter in Finland with a "surprise" kitten...

3 June 2002
There is a new Stud in Denmark coming from Canada! Check the stud list page here.

9 April 2002
The KCA page has been updated with the results from the last KCA Show, held on April 6th in Alcester.
Get it in PDF or Word format by visiting the "KCA Activities and Announcements" page here.

4 April 2002
Unfortunately, the server which hosts Koratworld has been down for some days and it has not been possible to make updates during Easter days... But now it should be working properly and some news are waiting for you!

There is a new page about the breeding situation in Argentina. There are only two Korats at present but it's an excellent start for Korats in South America!

There are new Studs listed from Canada and Australia, new breeders & owners listed in Europe and USA, and more kittens and litters planned! There is also a new page about "living with a Korat" which is a very interesting reading for all those who want to have a Korat kitten...

Stay tooned!

27 March 2002
The Koratworld website has been finally updated! You'll find something new in almost all the sections. There is also a new page "Funny Korats" which is, for the moment, still under construction... Check this page regualarly to find out what's going on.
Hope you'll all enjoy the new version of Koratworld and, please, spread the word about it!

Major changes have been done in the:

  • HISTORY pages: more info about the Smud Khoi of Cats (new pictures and the complete translation of the verses) and new articles of historical interest.
  • USA pages: with information and reports from the CFA International shows
  • GM pages: with latest updates about this problem and the translation into other languages of the basic informative documents
  • CLUBS pages: Info about the new KCI club and additional pages for the UK KCA Club.
  • Studs and Kittens list updated as well as new breeders and Korat fans added to the list
  • Existing links have been updated and new links have been added.

Lots more to find out and to come, little by little and with the help of all Korat lovers worldwide...
Again, enjoy! And come to visit this site often!