My first GM affected kitten: Uni Cum Thai
9 June 1994 - 12 January 1995


I started collecting information about Korat Cats in 1991 when I first read an article about them on a Cat Magazine.
I got immediately impressed by this breed and started to look for a breeder in Europe...
At that time the Internet was still somehow mysterious, at least for me. Writing to people was the only thing I could do to make my research.
When I finally got my first couple of Korats from Norway it was 1993. I was on cloud nine and I couldn't imagine what the fate was going to prepare for me.

To make a very long story short and go straight to the point of this tribute page, I just want to say that the idea of building a homepage about the Korat cats came to me because, unfortunately, I had to experience a terrible problem and the lack of communication was, most probably, the worst part of it.

It was 1995 when I started the first rudimental website. Few pictures, few articles but it was at least a start.

I lost three of my adored kittens during those years because of GM so I wanted to make this site as a due tribute to those lives that had to suffer too much and that were too young to die. KORATWORLD is a tribute to them: Uni Cum Thai who died in 1995, Ur Ibn Muang who died in 1997, Jadeye A Pop Pom who died in 1998. I'll always bring them all inside my heart.
Uni, Ur and Pop Pom tissues have been used for research in order to find a way to eliminate the GM problem from our Korats. With the help and support of fellow Korat breeders we managed to get a DNA test. Thanks God, the Korat breed is safe!


There is another special Korat which is to be mentioned here. The breed we love is not so well known around the world. For this reason this Korat has a special place in the hear of many because have been the most successful representative of this breed during her show career in FIFe, and still is! Her name is now very long, due to the many titles she gained. Her name is:

Europa Champion, Europa Premior
FIFe World Winner 1999, and 2000

Meo, or Camilla, as I call her after her breeder's name, is the most successful cat in FIFe. The only Korat to gain the World Winner title ever, and twice! How couldn't I give her the tribute she diserves???
There are two more pages I invite you to visit. The World show report from 1999 and that from 2000.

Oh! I forgot to say that during the World Show of 2001, held in Germany, Meo was nominated again to the Best in Show panel, but this time she didn't get it... Oh, well. We can live with it :-)